PERFECT8 loudspeakers transform your listening experience to a grand concert - wide, deep and detailed, holographic soundstage and completely detached from the loudspeakers.

BEST SOUND IN SHOW AWARDS 7 years in a row at CES and T.H.E Show Las Vegas, the PERFECT8 loudspeakers are guaranteed to seduce the most discerning.

AVS Product of the Year 2014 Video


PERFECT8 The Cube in "Beethoven's Church", BONN, GERMANY

PERCECT8 The Cube has been granted the exceptional honor of playing a concert composed of selected quality Beethoven recordings every Thursday afternoon throughout 2015 in "Beethoven's church" - only 30m from Beethoven's birthplace.

The unique and exceptionally realistic sound of The Cube combined with the fabolous acoustics of this church and its exquisite interior, recently renovated for 25 million EUR, create a breathtaking, one of a kind experience, for both Beethoven aficionados, audiophiles and in fact every lover of classical music and art.

Stiftung Namen-Jesu-Kirche, Bonngasse 8, 53111 Bonn, 0228-389 283 30


PERFECT8 introduces The Point MKIII. Through the use of new advanced materials and breakthrough inventions The Point MKIII represents a quantum leap ahead in immersive 3D sound staging, crystal clear micro dynamics and jaw-dropping realism.

Be the first to audition its full mind-blowing potental at HIGH END MUNIC 2015!

Visit PERFECT8 and Ypsilon Electronics at Atrium 4 1st floor, room E110.


"This system had the ability to recreate the scale of the music in a remarkably accurate manner, yet it was able to serve up the nuances and subtleties with uncanny, unnerving realism. This system very nearly breathed life into the music it reproduced." 
- Greg Weaver, Senior Editor, Positive Feedback 

"All of this design would be of no importance if the sound produced were deficient. I was prepared for, well, I don't know what. I was stunned to hear utterly transparent sound, with the clarity and lucidity of the original Quad's midrange. Selecting "The Mooche" from Stereophile's Editor's Choice CD, I heard the best sound I've heard from all the different loudspeakers on which I have auditioned this recording - while the asking price is other-worldly, so was the sound."
- Larry Greenhill Stereophile



Transform your listening room to a grand live concert hall with wide, deep and detailed, free floating soundstage, uncolored, completely detached from the loudspeakers. Contrary to other high-end systems, the PERFECT8 models exhibit a wide sweet spot for many to enjoy the full and immersive experience. Leaving the competition far behind, you do not have to choose between live dynamics or soundstage. With PERFECT8 you get it all. A truly realistic experience.


THE FORCE, THE POINT and THE CUBE all exhibit high aesthetics for an interior decorator to incorporate into a family living room. When listening from any direction, even from behind or in neighboring rooms, the sound is pleasantly natural and uncolored, making it the ideal companion for a fabulous private concert or a classy cocktail party.


For the movie enthusiast the ultimate surround system uses THE FORCE and THE CENTER in the front and THE POINT in the back for an unrivalled experience of complete immersion and ground shaking exhilaration far beyond any traditional in-wall installations.


Continuous refinement and innovation over the last 10 years has even further pushed the envelope of the PERFECT8 performance, and judging by the reaction from the world's largest high-end audio shows, critics agree - with 7 consecutive years of BEST SOUND AWARDS.


PERFECT8 provides a team of experts dedicated to the highest level of service to guarantee a successful application of our unique technology. We enjoy your specific challenges, individual requests and special requirements for the most unique and demanding applications such as exclusive lounges, ultimate home theaters, or poolside.

THE FORCE is simply the ultimate experience through ultra realistic effortless large orchestra reproduction with a huge soundstage in both width and depth, free floating and detached behind the towers and an unprecedented undistorted range from below 8Hz ultra subsonics to beyond 50KHz supersonics. Due to the close-to-zero energy losses the dynamics are full of life, yet not exaggerated, and way ahead of any other line source implementations.

THE POINT featuring a surgically precise imaging with zero coloration and a deep, wide and realistic soundstage with no lack of dynamics. With a moderate size and footprint, THE POINT plays surprisingly large and will fill large venues.

THE CUBE is an extreme performer in a tiny package and is the perfect compromise when visual appeal or closeness to a wall is of primary concern. Make no mistake, THE CUBE will play surprisingly large and its extreme quality performance is surpassed only by THE POINT or THE FORCE.


All PERFECT8 models are unique realizations of ideal principles of audio science. The PERFECT8 name derives from perfect figure-of-8 sound wave which is the theoretical ideal for recreating realistic sounding stereo in regular to large living/listening rooms.


All PERFECT8 products incorporates extraordinary technologies including the proprietary 'Super Silent Glass', an ideal material for the construction of the speaker baffle and frameworks because of its unique properties of stiffness, damping, and inertia.

All PERFECT8 models have been carefully designed with a no-compromise philosophy using our unique technology platform with none of the significant drawbacks of all traditional designs. The PERFECT8 loudspeakers exhibit perfect motor control, zero energy storage, no internal vibrations or cavity resonances, near-linear off-axis response, seamless bass/mid/treble-integration, and close-to-perfect room interaction.



PERFECT8 Technologies is a Swedish provider for high-end ribbon and dynamic loudspeakers and subwoofers. With over 25 years of research and more than 5 years of dedicated development, PERFECT8 Technologies was founded in 2005 with the mission of producing the most exclusive, elegant and best sounding loudspeaker systems in the world.