One key technology used in the PERFECT8 product line is the proprietary Super Silent Glass (SSG). SSG is a proprietary special glass type which virtually eliminates all vibrations – there is no ringing whatsoever associated with SSG.

The vibrations on our baffles and enclosures were actually so slight that it required the development of new super sensitive acceleration measurement devices to detect them. The result is of course a very pure sound, totally uncolored by baffle or enclosure induced sounds.

All energy sent to the drivers are converted to sonic energy instead of being compressed through absorption of the cabinet, followed by re-emission which destroys the sound twofold.

Accelerometer Study

These conclusions are the result of an extensive accelerometer study, which in depth explored the mechanisms behind structural vibrations of loudspeaker systems.

Fig. 1: Vibrations of a typical closed box

These measurements clearly show that even supposedly rigid conventional box loudspeaker system structures still vibrate considerably. Recent research show that these vibrations are more severe than expected, and typical methods of strengthening the cabinet may actually worsen the cabinet vibrations – quite contrary to intuition and common belief.

Fig. 1 above shows a 3D-cos-burst analysis of a 40 litre closed speaker enclosure featuring 1” MDF walls with 4mm bitumen damping pads.

Fig. 2: Vibrations of open baffle speaker

These measurements show that a conventional panel vibrate considerably. While stiff box structures mainly result in isolated high-Q resonances, the inherently weak panel of open baffles is in contrast plagued by faster decaying broadband phenomena.

In Fig. 2 above, an open baffle speaker with a massive 40mm thick particle board panel was analyzed.

Fig. 3: Vibrational analysis of THE FORCE

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Super silent glass (SSG)

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Many people have asked about our Super Silent Glass (SSG) technology so we have decided to publish the following study with further information. Enjoy!

Download the study (PDF, 572 kb)

As there is hardly anything to be seen, the PERFECT8 technology palpably enables, for the first time, the effective liberation of loudspeaker systems from all detrimental vibrations.

Fig. 3 above shows a measurement of the PERFECT8 THE FORCE baffle.


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