Experience sound free flowing and unconstrained as if created from the very essence of air itself. The grandeur of a classical opera house, the timbre and depth of a singer in a high class jazz club, the profound emotion of a flamenco guitar exploding in its virtuoso dance. At your command, THE FORCE effortlessly creates sounds and emotions frighteningly close to the original live performance.

Open all your senses to our flagship model THE FORCE. Guaranteed to deliver true performance in every aspect. Its striking appearance will leave no one untouched; Its sound, destined to equal history itself will possibly even surpass it!

All PERFECT8 products represent a major innovative leap in sonic research, fully realizing principles previously only known in theories, leaving the current state of the art far behind.

When considering THE FORCE, you should think of the ultimate supercar – sleek, powerful, and charismatic, created from advanced technologies to achieve the most exhilirating and unique experience. No other loudspeaker ever created can even begin to compete in the exclusive THE FORCE ZONE!

THE FORCE defines the new State of the Art and is a very serious system. Weighing in at about 200 Kg per channel standing an impressive 2 meters of height (6' 7"), THE FORCE is guaranteed to produce the sound of your dreams.

A THE FORCE system is composed of two glass and gold towers fed through separate super quality passive crossovers encased in matching boxes of semitransparent glass. The low end is delivered by 4 subwoofers each with dual 12" custom modified drivers, fed by a custom active filter. Individually adapted configurations are available to meet the most demanding implementations.

The Force

The Force Center

The Point

The Cube

The Amp 1000 Subwoofer Ed


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The Force

The Force Center

The Point

The Cube

The Amp 1000
Subwoofer Edition



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