Feel the very ground shake as if an earthquake has struck, feel your every sense filled with the deep sounds of an oceanic adventure, have your guts pounded by powerful explosions like nothing you have ever felt before.

When envisioning THE AMP 1000 SUBWOOFER EDITION, PERFECT8 single mindedly pursued the idea of bringing life, depth, and texture to bass and subsonics unlike anything previously experienced. When used with our primary loudspeaker THE FORCE, the effect is groundshaking, profound, and seductive.

Immensely powerful, defying its small appearance, THE AMP 1000 SUBWOOFER EDITION was designed to seamlessly integrate with THE FORCE subwoofer and/or THE POINT.

The secret of great sounding amplifiers lies far from the conventional ideas of power, frequency response and total harmonic distortion specifications. Instead, it is the absence of the extremely unmusical percussive crossover distortion in combination with almost limitless power resources of 1000W into virtually any speaker load that makes THE AMP 1000 SUBWOOFER EDITION gracefully meet any challenge in audio amplification. The latest and most advanced full-fledged ClassD technology in combination with SSG vibration damping enables unique performance in a compact and sublime package.

The Force

The Force Center

The Point

The Cube

The Amp 1000 Subwoofer Ed


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The Force

The Force Center

The Point

The Cube

The Amp 1000
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